Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

We are in the midst of the coldest weather right now with wind chills into the negative temperatures. Yesterday brought the Winter Storm Hercules and today we never set foot out of the house. Our poor dog didn’t even want to go outside to do his business. Yes, it is THAT cold.

  1. One of my mom’s, G’s Grandma, Christmas gifts was a scarf. G was with me when I purchased it. She was so into Christmas this year. Three is an awesome age when it comes to the Christmas season. Well, when my parents came on Christmas Eve, it wasn’t long before G was telling Grandma that we had bought her a beautiful sparkly scarf for Christmas, but it was a “surprise”. I looked at my mom with big eyes and burst into laughter. Um, yeah, not so much of a surprise anymore little one. Good thing Grandma had some more gifts to open that G was unaware of.

Read the rest of my laughs as I host this week over at The Mommyhood Chronicles!

Have a great weekend!

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