Saturdays Top 5 Laughs!

Saturdays Top 5 Laughs!

Dang its been a while since I’ve written my Saturday laughs!

I’ve been taking most Saturdays & Sundays off from the blog and enjoying those super fast two days we call the weekend! We’ve been through two Polar Vortex which means temperatures are in the single digits and even plunge into negative numbers. We’ve had all kinds of snow which makes us have some serious cabin fever. Its such a tease for G to see snow outside, but then its just WAY to damn cold to go out and play. Oh well. I’m thinking Spring!

Of course its going to snow…again…today!

This weekend we are visiting two schools that are having open house. Since November, G has been going to a small preschool {10 kids/2 teachers} two days a week for just a couple of hours. She really needs more so we are leaning toward pre-k. She will have a more regular schedule and go daily, enjoy field trips and make even more friends.

  1. G thinks everything happened yesterday. So, she will start by saying, “remember when I ate that strawberry yogurt yesterday”, but really it was a week ago. Maybe its time to get her a calendar so she can see what day is what.
  2. Yesterday…lol…she wanted to get dressed and drive to my parents house. Um, they live two hours away. Not today!
  3. Val found her voice! Her favorite phrase to say is, DADA!! She says it all the time when she isn’t making her other favorite screeching pterodactyl sound. This gal wants to be heard and she is going to make it happen.
  4. We went to the post office and G told the postal worker that we lived in a yellow house and that I feed Val from my boobies. Um, yeah, not everyone needs to know these fine details of our life. 🙂
  5. I’ll be the first to admit that I get myself a drink at Starbucks almost every day. Well, G has become just as addicted as me. Her favorite items are butter croissant and passion tea lemonade, un-sweetend of course.  Now, I can’t go there unless I get her something too. No wonder we have gold card status. And, her carseat is gross…croissants are NOT a tidy food to eat.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. We went through the every thing happened yesterday stage with my son! Now, we’re going through the everything is going to happen in 4 weeks stage with my daughter. LOL! I love the over-sharing! So embarrassing, but so funny!
    Carrie recently posted…Catch the Moment 365~Week 3My Profile

  2. Ha ha ha such adorable things to say!! Cupcakes thinks everything happened yesterday as well and her questions sound JUST LIKE THAT 🙂
    Jamie recently posted…Filofax Week 5: Sweet TreatsMy Profile

  3. The vortex! We are right there with you! Stinks right!!
    Oh my goodness-Hayley (at 5) still says the same things about time. Yesterday she told a friend that she went to Disney yesterday, when it was in fact 2 months ago! They are so funny! Haha-I got to laugh that she told the post office lady about your bobbies! Too funny! I always love reading your laughs! xoxo
    mel recently posted…Matilda Jane Kids Clothes Review and $50 Gift Card Giveaway!My Profile

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