Six Months In

Six Months In

Forgive my random thoughts…

I can’t believe Val is already six months old. WHAT?! When I was pregnant with her I thought she was never going to make an appearance with her very late arrival.

We are still in a tender transition here with G. She loves Val, but I can certainly see that she is feeling the effects of sharing her time with a new sibling. I can’t relate, but I try to be sensitive to her even when she is in deep with her threenager antics. Whoa.

We had a lot of transitions this year. We moved and welcomed a new baby. That is a lot for a three year old. I don’t think I would ever try that again or recommend it.

G is in preschool twice a week and that has been great for all of us. She has made some friends and she is getting ready for pre-k which will start in September. Potty training clicked all at once {separate post coming up} and now we are just working toward overnight potty training. Got tips? Please share! ๐Ÿ™‚

Val was sleeping through the night early on, but then after a nasty cold went through our house and she was waking at night she hasn’t really slept through the night since. That was two months ago.

Then there is the breastfeeding. She use to take a bottle of pumped milk no problem back when she was about two months old, but then T.J. went back to work after summer break and those bottle feedings fell to the wayside and she has refused to take one since. So, that leaves me to be her sole provider of food. Its been tough. I mean, I’d love to take some time for myself to get a haircut or make some new friends with the mom groups here, but I have to rush home if she decides she is hungry or stay home. I love her to pieces, but sometimes a Mom needs a minute alone ya know. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since we just turned the corner and she is six months we have started introducing solid foods and she is very interested so that has me quite hopeful for longer stretches in between feedings. I am still hopeful with the bottle, trust me, we have tried every single brand, and I’ve introduced her to a sippy cup.

We are going the baby led weaning route with Val. She likes to feed herself and grabs at anything we try to eat. She loves apples, roasted sweet potatoes, banana, avocado, pears, pancakes, melon, puffs, toast, pizza crust and bascially anything she can grab. This one is going to be a foodie! G was fed purees and oatmeal from four months on and I remember the transition to more chunkier foods was difficult and there was a lot of gagging. We decided we would wait for Val to turn six months and just offer her food. She has no teeth, but can mash anything up with her spit and hard gums. Its just amazing to watch!

So, we are working on getting her fall asleep on her own. She has been rocked to sleep or worn in the Ergo for naps which has been great for giving me free hands to do other things while she naps. G does not nap anymore so that has been interesting and exhausting. Trying to keep her occupied and quiet while Val naps is nearly impossible. Sometimes I just load them both into the car and drive around to get some “me” time. I’m so thankful the local Starbucks has a drive-thru.

I guess that is enough for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Candice is a mom of three under 5. Originally from the smallest state of Rhode Island, now living in Connecticut. From working gal to stay-at-home mom, she is walking the path of the Modern Mom.


  1. 6 months of cuteness and a beautiful lifetime ahead!
    Chelley @ A is for Adelaide recently posted…No Loss of SuctionMy Profile

  2. Oh my goodness how incredibly adorable!! Isn’t it so much fun introducing them to their first foods?! I loved that part!!

    This year, we’re going to be moving & welcoming El Babio. And Cupcakes is 3. It’s crazy that we’re going to be going through the same thing you did. I know the baby is going to happen, but so much is up in the air about finding a new home; it’s nerve-wracking dealing with all of it!

    Glad you all made it through ok. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jamie recently posted…My 2013 Blogging Report from WordPressMy Profile

  3. Moving & a new baby? Wow! You are awesome! I just started caring for a 5 month old who WAS exclusively breastfed. Me & mommy found the momma bottle and it worked instantly! We have had no problems. Mommy went back to the office this week! Hope you aren’t a milk machine forever! Best of luck!

  4. Awe.. the best parts of growing with your baby. Cherish all these moments. I have to give to you handling all you do.

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