Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Where should I begin.

Well, we had visitors for six days straight. My parents came in last Saturday and stayed through the Monday holiday. That is when G first had symptoms of a cold. A runny nose, but nothing too major.

When my parents headed back to Rhode Island on Monday, we anxiously awaited the arrival of T.J.’s mom on Tuesday. We hadn’t had a visit with her since before Thanksgiving. Jeeze, where does the time go?! She stayed with us through Thursday.

I sent G to school on Tuesday and Thursday of last week because her runny nose was drying up and she never had a fever. Fast forward to this weekend, no guests and either the runny nose manifested into something bigger or she caught another virus/cold at school. No good.

Val has had the sniffles the entire time this has been going on, but I think the breastfeeding is keeping any other symptoms at bay. T.J. and I have been diligently taking black elderberry syrup and manuka honey with the hope that we would stay clear of all these germs. I even made a green juice with my juicer, kale, celery, green apple, and ginger. I might just have to whip up another batch today.

Saturday it all went down hill fast. G’s nose turned into a faucet, she started with a cough, she has a fever, my ears started feeling itchy and my throat is closed up tight. CRAP! I am seriously considering sharing a cup of breast milk with G. I mean, that stuff is like the ultimate cure all.

Sunday night I went to bed at 8! I knew it would be a long night and wanted to rest as much as I could. Val slept like a rock even with her sniffles and teething. G was up and down most of the night. Its hard to get her to listen to us when she isn’t sick, but when she is, good grief! “No” this and “No” that…trying to tell her she needs rest is a joke! She has been in bed, asleep, before 6pm all weekend. I wish she would take a nap.

T.J. is the only one {knock on wood} that is feeling decent.

We haven’t left the house in days and that is turning G into a little bear. She can only watch so much TV before she is uninterested and trying to keep her calmly occupied is impossible!

I can tell you that school is out of the question this week and I am waiting for the pediatricians office to open because we are going!

More snow today too. Its been snowing all weekend. I may just get crazy and open all the windows today. Just for ten minutes or so to air this place out. Cold air kills germs right? Its a crisp 28 degrees. I’m almost certain our house is covered in snots!

Also, moms SHOUDL NOT get sick! Who has time for that?!

How was your weekend?



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