That. Was. Awful.

That. Was. Awful.

Holy crap! We have almost made it to the other side of the insane virus/plague that took over our house for the last week.

It first started with G and a runny nose. That was two weeks ago. And as soon as that cleared up, she went to preschool aka a cesspool of germs. It was after only two days at preschool it all went down hill.

A week ago Sunday, she started with the runny nose again. We could tell she just wasn’t her usual joyful toddler self so we stayed in most of the day. I think it was later that evening we took her temperature and sure enough, a fever.

When she woke on Monday with a temperature of 103.5 we called the pediatrician and got her right in. Diagnosis = a virus. They said this “thing” was going around and it was nasty. No meds were prescribed. Lots of rest and fluids and ibuprofen, as needed, to keep the fever down.

Poor G was literally bedridden for a better part of the week staring at movies and TV shows on the iPad. The little bits of food that she did eat we fed her in bed. She was so weak and tired, ugh. Pure torture for a mother and father. She has had her share of colds before, but nothing like this. Nothing.

One night after a long day, I think Thursday when T.J. was gone for like twelve hours, by nightfall I was having a total breakdown. Trying to keep it together, sick myself, watching G so helpless in bed while caring for Val too. I had a total breakdown in the shower that night. I mean, I was so exhausted and just the feeling of helplessness, it was just all I could take. Her breathing was poor, she was telling me her ears and throat hurt, the nose was running and a cough to top it all off.

Then there was vomit. We figured it would happen. All the post-nasal drip and no food isn’t a good combo for one’s tummy. It was a single, isolated incident. Whew.

By Friday, she STILL was fighting a fever so I called into the pediatricians office again. I spoke with a nurse who told me that if she woke with a fever on Saturday of 100.5 or higher than yes, we will bring her back in. I think I took G’s temperature over 100 times in a week. She keep telling me she heard beeping in her ears, yep, just me taking your temperature again.

Saturday morning G woke and her temperature was 100. I told T.J. and we decided to just monitor it all day. I can do that! LOL

By now, I have a hacking cough, runny nose, scratchy throat and can not rest. I mean, who is going to take care of everyone/everything?! Luckily I’ve had enough sense to go to bed before 8pm most nights knowing there would be some sort of disruption.

Last night, Saturday night, G slept all night long. She went to bed around 6pm and slept until 6am. Thats in addition to the nap she had taken earlier in the day.

Good news! Sunday, today…FEVER FREE without any meds!!!! You can see the twinkle in her eye and she is starting to act like her little spitfire self. Bossing me around and eating food! I think she ate three meals today. She totally lost weight during all this, but I’m glad to bulk her up again and give her anything and everything she requests.

Now, I need to work on getting myself healthy. Oh, can you believe Val has only the slightest sniffle which I feel is a symptom of her crazy teething. Must be the breast milk? No idea, but I’m so thankful it skipped over her.

I am praying that the rest of this long winter is cold-free and I don’t wish this virus on anyone’s house. YUCK!

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  1. Oh, how rough! I am glad it is better now. I know I would totally be stressed!
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  2. Oh man, I am so glad you guys are on the mend!!!
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