Bring the Outdoors in // Valentines Day {DIY}

Bring the Outdoors in // Valentines Day {DIY}

Decorating for the holidays, keeping two small gals in mind, can be tricky.

I don’t have the time to decorate every room. I don’t have the time or energy to dig into my crafts supplies and make a ton of adorable things.

I want one stand out decoration that can transfer from Valentine’s Day to Easter and so on.

While shopping at Whole Foods one week, I saw a great deal on pussy willow branches for just $5 a bundle. I thought it would nice to bring a little of the outdoors in since we are up to our ears in snow and cold.

Next up was a heavy vase/container to hold the branches. I had a few things at home like old ball jars and vases, but nothing heavy enough to really anchor the display. I found this vase at ikea and its solid concrete so its not going to budge. I love the design too as it ties in nicely with the branches of the pussy willow.

Lastly I rumaged through my old scrapbook bag and found some great paper. I cut out hearts freehand, ya know, like you probably remember doing in elementary school. Fold the paper in half and cut one side of the heart, open and a full size heart. I cut different shapes and sizes. G is just learning how to cut with safety scissors {she is 3.5} at school so I didn’t have her help with this project, but she did help me decorate.  I’m sure if you have a heart shaped punch this could go much quicker.


I used a simple hole punch to make a hole for the ribbon and twine I wanted to use to hang the hearts.

I decorated my pussy willow branches like a little tree. Now, just searching for the perfect little lights or maybe i’ll just leave it as is.

valentines diy

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