The F Word

The F Word


There are bad days. Things build up. No one said it would be easy, right?

We moved…again.

Val was born {amazing} then sleep was at an all time low. Val was waking to nurse, G was waking because she was in another new place. Anxiety had peeked all around.

Some days have been really hard. A lot of the days I feel alone here and I don’t want to speak for him, but I’m sure T.J. feels the same.

Our families are not close by and we are still working on finding close friends around our new home while we put down our roots.

Winter has been long.

Tensions were hight and then there was a day, I don’t remember exactly when, but T.J. and I had a wicked blowout. The F word was exchanged.

Time lapsed again and one day G was really frustrated and BOOM out of her mouth, the F word. T.J. and I looked at each other in total shock, what had we done. G remembered. She remembered that was a word that was said in anger. We couldn’t punish her for something that was our fault.

We sat down with her and talked about how that was a not nice word and how there are many different ways to express your frustration and anger without using this word. Then we came up with a bunch of good words that began with the letter F, flowers, feathers, fluff, French fries, and on and on.

Yesterday we took G to visit the preschool she will attend in September. She goes to a small preschool now that was perfect for the time being, but moving forward she will attend the preschool that is part of our parish. When we were introduced to the teachers and were told about the lessons of the day, the teacher explained how F was the letter of the day.

Then I panicked! Palms sweating, heart racing, red face!

What would G say?! Ahhhhhhh…

She didn’t make mention of it. Whew.

I told T.J. after we were far out of the building how I had an anxiety attack about the letter of the day. I mean, was I the only one sweating it out in there?!

Talk about a lesson learned.



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  1. This hasn’t happened to us…yet! We’re very careful not to swear in front of the kids, but we still say inappropriate things we shouldn’t!
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