Where Did We Move To? Snowmageddon!

Where Did We Move To? Snowmageddon!

I am nearly 35 years old. Gasp…now you know.

Its funny, I use to really like snow. I was single, and didn’t have children to entertain. I enjoyed winter activities. Now, factor in children and a driveway to deal with and I just don’t have the same love for Winter. Its not easy to explain to a toddler that wants to play in the snow that we just can’t go out there. Its freezing, we might loose sight of you, we are still getting over the same cold virus for a month. Blah blah blah.

I have NEVER seen this much snow in one winter in all my years. Now, I’ve lived in New England all my life. Most of it being in the smallest state of Rhode Island. I think little Rhody, being so much on the coast escapes a lot of this snow that Connecticut gets. I mean, really…its just getting silly now except most of us aren’t laughing.

We haven’t gone an entire week without accumulating snow since I can’t remember when.

Today took the taco. The Nor’easter Pax came bearing down on us last night and all day today. We already had over a foot outside from last weeks snowstorm and today the weather channel predicted totals of 14-20 inches! What the HELL?! I get it. Its winter, but dang I would love to see a sunny day with temperatures in the 30s. Supposedly, Spring is right around the corner in like 5 weeks. I wonder if we will still have snow when we officially welcome Spring?

I don’t think Old Man Winter is done with us just yet. More snow is forecasted for tonight and basically through Saturday and that is just this week.

I took some pictures from inside with my iPhone camera. Not the best scenario through a window and a screen, but you can see there is no less than a toddler-sized stack of snow where our patio was and our glider is.

G even asked to eat some snow as part of her lunch. This snow is heavy, wet snow, so its perfect for a snow cone treat!


photo 3 g eats snow


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  1. RIGHT!!!! When is this snow ever going to end?!!!!
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