Must Have Baby Items {Second Born}

Must Have Baby Items {Second Born}

Now that I’m a mom of two, I feel like I have such a better sense about what a person really needs for a baby. With my first born, I had a huge baby shower and registered at a few places for a ton of stuff that I thought I needed. A lot of what I registered for was through recommendations from friends and family but most of it was guess work.

I didn’t start blogging until after G was born, but I cannot emphasize enough how reading blogs written my moms who have tried products it the way to get your information. Moms are an invaluable resource and we know what we like and what we don’t, what works and what doesn’t. You can bet on anything that I will be the first to tell you if I think something sucks, for lack of a better word.

Here is a list I compiled of items I think are really great and have longevity just in case you want to expand your family beyond one child.

  1. Baby Carrier – When G was a newborn I had a Moby wrap. Its very affordable and lightweight alternative carrier. This type of carrier did not work for us. As a first time mom, I found it difficult to get the hang of all the different configurations and I am short at just 5’1″ so having a bunch of fabric drop to the ground or floor and get disgusting was not for me. We ended up purchasing a baby bjorn carrier. This carrier is much more structured, but I never felt comfortable and I never got a sense that G was comfortable. Fast forward to Val being born and my sister-in-law passed on her ERGO to me. I cannot even begin to tell you how much this helped our first few months as a family of four. We started wearing Val at just 5 days old using the infant insert and that was the only way she could nap during the day, I could still hang out with G and do household tasks, and get outside with my hands free. It was summer after all. I never feel hot when she is on me in the Ergo, my back is never strained and it is just SO EASY to use. Now that she is 8 months we can wear her in a variety of ways including on our back or forward facing on our front.
  2. Stroller Travel System – T.J. and I both did tons of research on what type of car seat and stroller that we wanted. We knew this would be a big ticket item so we didn’t rush into anything. We ended up with the Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2. This system is amazing. The car seat base is ridiculously easy to use. People have been coming up to my car for years and marveling at how I can just plop down the carseat and swivel it around. No crazy back twisting moves on my part. And then the stroller base does the same. We’ve been taking G and Val to restaurants for years and been able to park them up next to the table and have them face us and even double it as a highchair! No gross restaurant high chairs or sitting with a baby on our lap because the place ran out of boosters, etc. The stroller is so lightweight because it just a frame and folds with one click. Now that I have the two girls, G can ride along on the sidekick stroller board while Val is still in the carseat. The carseat and stroller seat have amazing shade covers and both provide tons of ventilation so you can really keep baby and tot comfortable. I’m glad we splurged on this item because it has withstood two children and still is like new. Also, customer service at Orbit is outstanding. G now rides in the Orbit Toddler Car Seat next to her sister. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Swing – now, with G we tried several swings. They were all large and she just never wanted to do anything with it so we never kept the ones we tried. Val is a different baby and I was sent a swing. You can read my full review here. We are still using this swing every day for Val’s naps. She loves motion and thankfully she hasn’t outgrown it because its my crutch during the day. I love this swing because of how compact it is and it fold up for travel. Low price point too. Awesome. ย Taggies Portable Swing.
  4. SleepHALO sleep sacks. These sacks have been worn by both gals and they are so easy to use. They have been lifesavers for swaddling our newborns during the middle of the night while we are half asleep. I have never gotten the hang of a good swaddle so for me, these sacks have been great. Stock up! I’ve written several reviews and look for a new one which will show they latest swaddle in muslin. SWOON! Great for summer.
  5. SleepCloud b Sound Machine. Super adorable little Sleep Sheep and other animals that provide four soothing sounds to lull your babe to sleep. Babies love background noise and we passed this sheep on from G to Val. Its 3.5 years old and alive and well. Of course we have changed the batteries but other than that this has been another invaluable baby item. Travels easily too in case you are going away. Makes a nice lovey once your babe has outgrown the noise feature. To be honest, I enjoy hearing it over the monitor at night. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. All around comfort – Aden + Anais everything for comfort and snuggle. Bibs, burp clothes, swaddle blankets. All of it is just amazing quality and soooooo soft.
  7. Bath – PUJ tub. Perfect for tiny, slippery, wet babies. No back breaking, bending over movements. Pop into any sink and you are good to go. Dries in an instant and is so easy to store. We use to live in a small 2 bedroom apartment and kept the tub hanging on the side of the fridge. It has magnets that hold it together when its in use and boom, one day I walked by the fridge and thought why the heck not!

I hope you find my list useful. I’m sure I am missing something so I might update this list on occasion. We have been using all of these products for years and I often recommend them to anyone I know having or has had a new baby.

What is on your must have baby list?

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  1. Candice, so good to know about these as I will become a grandmother later this year and it’s been a long time since I’ve gone shopping for a baby. Many of these items were not around when my sons were babies. Thanks for sharing!
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  2. YES to your first statement!!

    There are 3 very important must-haves on my “second time around” list: Rock ‘n Play Delux, Baby Carrier (Moby & maybe a Beco Gemini if I can ever find a used one in my budget), and Pacis!!

    Sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jamie recently posted…{Wordless} Pajama Day at School!My Profile

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