Night Potty Training

Night Potty Training

Okay, so G is totally potty trained for day time. Over Christmas break we just waved goodbye to the diapers, flipped the changing table into a bureau and went full on to undies. We had been on and off this potty roller coaster since April of 2013, but then we moved, and had a baby, and never committed 100% due to our own laziness.

Occasionally she has an accident. Say for instance she falls asleep in the car on a two hour ride. These things happen, and it part of the process.

She still wears pull-ups to preschool because she isn’t totally comfortable using the potty with her teachers and public restrooms are still touch and go. Its like, if we are out and about and she has to use the potty I’ll gladly take her, but sometimes I think she is more curious about what the potty looks like, say, at Whole Foods or Chipotle, or T.J. Maxx. She will sit there on the toilet, look around and then, nothing. At least we are going through the motions.

Oh, and those auto flushing toilets are a moms worst nightmare when you are with your potty trained/ing tot. I mean, really. I don’t think I’ve ever been a fan. Why is it flushing when no one is on it? Why is water shooting all over the seat? Why is in NOT flushing? Why is it flushing and G is still on it? WHAT THE HELL!

So, okay, night time/overnight potty training. G is wearing a pull-up and she goes to the potty right before bed no less than five times. Maybe we’ve told her one too many times to be sure to get all her pee out before bed? She will go back and forth to the bathroom and in and out of bed to pee… a drop. LOL We always reaffirm to her that if she wakes up and has to go potty, then she should go regardless of what time of night.

We have pretty much cut out the sippy cup she use to keep in her room all night. When she was sick a few weeks back that wasn’t really an option, but we are trying to get back to that place.

So, a recap:

  1. No sippy in the bedroom
  2. Go potty before bed.
  3. AHHHHHHHHH, underware?!

Do we just go for it?

Its hard to say if her pull-up is dry or not when she wakes up because she gets up and walks into our bedroom. Usually she will tell me she peed in the diaper OR she will go right to the potty. She woke up one random morning at 4am and came in our bathroom to poop and went back to bed. So, that is good progress?! And, when she was really sick with her cold a few weeks back she actually napped in undies. Pretty amazing especially since she was so out of it.

I’d love some advice. I guess I should prepare for any accidents by buying a few more sets of sheets and another mattress protector. Who feels like cleaning all that in the middle of the night? 🙂

Oh, and the wiping?! Don’t even get me started. Too much toilet paper, not enough toilet paper, no toilet paper at all!

G is 3 years and 3 months old.

g february 2014

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  1. Auntie Suz says:

    I love this! This stuff I miss living in different states. AND the tp dilemma… well, I do not envy you in that situation. ❤️❤️❤️

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