Wordless Wednesday // Snuggle

Wordless Wednesday // Snuggle

Most days it hard to soak up some serious baby snuggles. Val is becoming very curious and she likes to move it. Combine that with the constant activity of her older sister and snuggle time is short but sweet.

Today, while G was at preschool, I enjoyed a loooooong snuggle with Val while she slept in my arms. This does not happen often. Most days she naps in her bedroom while I entertain G in the playroom.

Look at this face. It took a lot of willpower to just let her sleep and not smooch all over her little face. She kept me so warm and toasty on this chilly winter day while I sat on the couch and held her close.

val sleeps

I use to hold G for 90% of her naps. I mean, she was an only child at the time so I had nothing else to do but hold her and stare at her. No other child to entertain.

So, you better believe when an opportunity like this comes along I soak it all up.


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