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Disclosure: I received one or more the the following products for free. This is a sponsored post. 

We’ve been using The Snugg iPad case for just about a year now. {2013 review clickable link} That says a lot in a house with a busy toddler. The iPad has been tossed around, dropped, packed up for travel and more and is still in perfect condition. The Snugg case still fits tightly around our iPad and has been the best tablet cover for our family needs. I love that when G is done using the iPad, when she closes the cover, the iPad turns off. The cover is magnetic and works like magic when it is closed, or at least that is what we tell our toddler. No worrying about the battery down to zero percent when T.J. or I have a chance to use it.

I was excited to learn about a new executive case cover and stand for my iPad. I mean, its nice to have options. This new cover has many of the same features of the basic cover but has the addition of pockets for cash, business and travel cards.


  • This case has extra storage for those who use their iPad on the road, or for people who like to keep everything in one place.
  • The Snugg Executive iPad 4 case has 3 card pockets which will fit your cash cards, business cards and travel cards in. There is an extra pocket that allows you to fit any papers or maybe even prompt cards in if you use your iPad in presentations.
  • As well as these extra features, the case still retains all its original attributes – stands up in the perfect position for FaceTime, change the angle and the position is great for typing out emails or internet browsing.
  • PU leather was selected as an exterior material as it provides a tough, resilient and easy clean surround with protection as a priority. It’s Lifetime Guaranteed and comes with the Snugg Promise of fit, craftsmanship and quality materials.
  • The design, specific for the iPad 4, has cut outs for both cameras, speaker, buttons, lightning port and headphone ports, an elasticated strap for your hand, which provide a comfortable hold while reading. The interior hasn’t been forgotten, lined with soft, nubuck material to prevent scratches and an internal Velcro tab to increase and maintain the perfect fit.
  • A stylus loop is also included, so you always know where your stylus. When you don’t need the loop, it tucks easily and quickly away behind your tablet, without affecting the fit of the case and ensuring it stays out of the way and can’t be seen.

This case is a great value at just $44.99 and comes in a variety of colors. I chose the purple this time around. Once your purchase your Snugg through their website, upon registering it, you also are eligible for the Snugg’s lifetime guarantee.

You can connect with Snugg through their FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube pages.

Is your tablet Snugg?! 🙂

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