Wordless Wednesday // Sisters

Wordless Wednesday // Sisters

So, this will not be wordless. It never is. 🙂

Most mornings we are up, gasp, before 6am. That leaves a lot of time to fill up our day. I like to ease into the morning. I’ve never been a morning person. Now, G, my first born must have inherited my moms gene for “up and at em” because as soon as her eyes open she jumps out of her bed and next thing you know she is staring at me from my side of the bed. Her latest thing is to come into our bedroom and flick the nightstand lamp on. WHOA! I can tell you the first time it happened I had vivid memories of my mom doing the same thing to wake me up for school. WHOA again! T.J.’s dad is also an early riser and so with that the odds were 50/50 that at least one of our children would love the mornings. LOL

So, in my attempts to ease into the mornings, I usually let G watch the iPad {only after the sun has come up} because I just can’t get myself going downstairs to set up the TV for her in the playroom at that wicked hour. Plus, Val is usually still asleep. This gives me just enough time to scratch the sleep out of my eyes, freshen up, and head down to the kitchen to make my COFFEE! I truly believe the Keurig was made by a mom. Then, I take Rhody outside and finally wake up when I am blasted by the cold. I have to say its nice to be outside so early in the morning. Its super silent where we live and the air is so crisp. Its just nice.

Tuesday and Thursdays are school days for G so there is much less leisure time in the morning even though we are up so early. But yesterday we were up and it was still dark. I had G dressed before the sun came up and she read books quietly in her room until Val woke. Then it was game on. After G was done with her shows on the iPad, we were dressed to go with time to spare so we all sat on G’s bed and had a sister giggle fest. Then we headed into Val’s room so I could get ready and they could sit on the floor and play.

The pictures are blurry, but you get the gist.

fun time

Val smiles at G all.the.time.

g hugs val

Hugs…still working on this.

photo 3-1

Bounce & Giggle

Its nice to see them play nicely and I have to document every bit of it. I know one day it will change…I’ve already heard G say, “Mommy, she is pulling my hair!” 🙂

vals room

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  1. I love these photos! They’re so sweet 🙂
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  2. Look at them! They are so darling! I can’t wait till H has a sister!
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