Party of Five

Party of Five

Pardon my rambling…

My OB and my What to Expect iPhone app may be telling me I am two days shy of 22 weeks pregnant, but the shock has not worn off.

I was in denial for a long time before I even had the courage to buy a pregnancy test this time around. I mean, I had all the symptoms, falling asleep around 7pm, weird moods, bloat, hunger, but honestly I thought my period might be coming back after its long hideous. The breastfeeding kept Aunt Flo far away and Val was about 7.5 months when my symptoms began.

So fine, I bought a test. At Target of course, I mean, I needed to buy other things to distract me. T.J. had been saying it for weeks, but I just shrugged him off and was like, “nooooooooooooope”.

I had the test at home for at least a week before I took it. And, when I did, there was no denying it. POSITIVE within a second. No waiting to see a plus or minus. I was still in denial. I mean, really?! Wasn’t I just pregnant?

Its not like we were taking precautions or anything, but I thought I would have more space between the kids. We knew we wanted to have three, it was just a matter of when. So, come this November…another November baby…we will have three kids ages 4 and under! I think that is the most shocking information to digest.

I went to my first OB appointment at 12 weeks 6 days. You can imagine the shock on her face. She asked, “why did you wait so long to come in?” Um, I’m kind of busy with two other kids and I knew the drill so I was more leisurely this time. Also, I find no excitement in going to the doctor. Does anyone? LOL

I am totally excited, don’t get me wrong. I’m not the least bit prepared for a baby boy. I mean, we’ve had to little girls, a lot of pink, and a lot of princess over the past few years. Poor little guy will probably be dressed in a tutu for his first birthday!

cool little bro

first boy purchase

I should have know it was a BOY. This pregnancy has been totally different from the get go. I have no food cravings which is weird. I still haven’t had any nausea which is awesome. My appetite is mediocre at best. Sometimes I am starving but just have no taste for anything. I often just force food in because I know I need to eat. So weird right? My back is super sore, my stomach muscles are sore, feet are sore, sleep is meh because I just can’t get comfortable with all the soreness. I think my body is just tired.

This is my last pregnancy. I know I can say that with certainty. So, I’m going to really try and just take it all in. I’m grateful to be expanding our family one more time and am excited to see my littles grow up together.

When did you know your family was complete?

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Candice is a mom of three under 5. Originally from the smallest state of Rhode Island, now living in Connecticut. From working gal to stay-at-home mom, she is walking the path of the Modern Mom.


  1. SO SO SO excited for you! I know you can handle it, and when when all the craziness comes out (I had 3 under 4 as well), you will know that it will pass and there will one day be a time when all of them are sleeping at once!

    Enjoy the ride!

    Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista recently posted…168 Hours- one week as a Stay at Home MomMy Profile

  2. so excited for ya!! Wow 22 weeks!! And a boy!! Eek!!! Boys are fun!!

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