Keep Your Man Well Groomed this Valentine’s Day – Beard Guyz & Van der Hagen

Keep Your Man Well Groomed this Valentine’s Day – Beard Guyz & Van der Hagen

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What to get that man for Valentine’s Day? I don’t know about how it works in your house but we tend to keep the holidays simple and mostly celebrate the kids!

This year – I wanted to get T.J. a little something. My man does not often buy or shop for himself and while my beauty products are falling out of every shelf or draw, he can fit all of his on one tiny shelf! If I buy something he will try it so there is that…on occasion new personal care products appear in the shower or on the bathroom sink just for him. The mens beauty department seems to be expanding every day which is great!  Some of us just don’t really want to share our tiny, limited, beauty potions with the man sharing our bathroom.

T.J. has a beard. When we first met in college the facial hair was limited to a goatee, but shortly after our wedding he grew a beard and hasn’t looked back. It suits him – but why so grizzly feeling? The little ladies in our house also have high opinions about his whiskers too.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

We got Daddy some beard care for Valentine’s Day – I mean who wants to be smooching on someone with a coarse beard. Check out the beard beauty line up –

Luxury Boar Shave Set, $29.99 – Step up your game with the VAN DER HAGEN Boar Shave Set. Create a rich later with the 100% natural boar bristle shaving brush and shave soap. The shave soap contains humectants like Shea, Mango and Cocoa Butters to help protect your skin against nicks, cuts, and razor bumps. 

shave set

  • Stiff board brush exfoliates and massages the skin
  • Shaving mug designed with handle for better grip
  • Shave soap keeps skin moisturized
  • Works well in hard water (exactly what we have here with our well)
  • Acrylic stand holds both shaving brush and razor

beard guyz

Beard Guyz Daily Wash 35, $9.99 – Daily Wash 35 is a shampoo created exclusively for facial hair. The blend of 35 natural and organic ingredients works to cleanse the beard and leave skin moisturized. 

  • Promotes natural luster and shine
  • Cleans the beard of food particles, bacteria, excess oils and impurities
  • Provides antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • For all hair and beard types
  • Moisturizes skin underneath beard
  • Light and fresh fragrance

Beard Guyz Deep Conditioner 25, $9.99 – Deep Conditioner 25 is the perfect companion to Daily Wash 35. The conditioner contains 25 natural and organic ingredients to keep your facial hair looking healthy and feeling soft. 

  • Helps prevent flaking skin
  • Specifically designed for coarse and gray hairs
  • Helps soften and condition the beard while adding shine
  • No Parabens, Alcohol or harsh chemicals

Daddy’s beard is looking good and feeling smooth. All the ladies of the house are smitten with the softer whiskers!

The Beard Guyz collection of products is available at,, CVS, Duane Reade, Stop & Shop, Walgreen and

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