Mommy Has the Stomach Flu

Mommy Has the Stomach Flu

Guys! OMG!

The last 48 hours were brutal over here.

Gabriella woke up around 11:30 pm on Vanetine’s Day vomiting all over the place. Sorry to be so raw – but what else can I call it? So, T.J. and I spent a good hour cleaning the girls room (they share) and getting Gabriella cleaned up and both of them settled back to sleep. I was sure it was a fluke thing. It was Valentine’s Day and I thought maybe too many treats. No fever and slept all night after she was sick.

I didn’t get back to sleep myself that night until almost 2 am! I mean, I was pretty much wide awake after getting the laundry going, cleaning, and remaking a bed. My two year old alarm clock woke me around 6:30 am. Yawn!

Gabriella was hungry for breakfast, and I had checked her temperature again and still nothing. She ate some waffles and wanted to go to school. I told her she could stay home, but she wanted to go and really seemed fine.

Started our day as usual and got her off on the bus – let Valentina and Anthony watch some Disney Jr. so I could take a quick shower. I was feeling pretty gross after the overnight cleanup and dude – I even stepped in it. GAG.

While I was in the shower my phone rang – it was in the bathroom with me. I answered and it is the school nurse telling me Gabriella threw up on the bus! I quickly jumped out, got dressed, put a hat on my wet hair, got the other two kids loaded into the van and went to pick her up. The nurse said there was a ton of illness going on (um, yeah tell me about it we’ve been sick since school began in September -I’M SO MAD). So she couldn’t return to school until she was 24 hours free of vomit or anything else. Well, she stayed home all day Wednesday, we fed her little to nothing. Dry Cheerios, bits of banana, and more Cheerios with lots of water.

No vomit all day.

Wednesday night we all went to bed. No one else had any symptoms of what she had and she seemed to just need to sleep this thing off.

I woke up in the middle of the night with the sweats, and stomach pains. I tried to stay in bed as long as I could and try to use the mind over matter scenario but nope, I was sick!

I barely slept – was sick most of the night and felt like death by 5 am when T.J. got up to get ready for work. I was crawling out of the bathroom and whispered I was sick with the stomach flu. I was so freaking weak.

HOW THE HECK WAS I GONNA SURVIVE WITH THREE KIDS ALL DAY! Gabriella had to stay home, there was no way I was driving Valentina to preschool.

T.J. left for work – I managed to give the kids a bit to eat for breakfast and then crawled into my bed with them. We watched TV and used iPads all day from my bed. I managed to serve lunch and dinner, give Anthony his nap, take a quick hot shower, take a 15 minute nap, and get them to bed. I basically fed them carbs all day. Whatever I could grab and didn’t have to cook. They ate bagels for dinner! It was such a long day and along with feeling horribly sick, I felt horrible for keeping them all cooped up with me on a sunny day. I sipped water, ate some dry cereal and managed to keep myself out of the bathroom for the rest of the day.

stomach flu

stomach flu

When T.J. got home from work I was in bed. I had the chills while wearing a hoodie and long sleeve shirt –  just wanted to sleep. He asked if I had taken my temperature, nope. He grabbed the thermometer and my temp was 100.5. What the hell!? He set off to Rite Aid to get me some sugar free Gatorade to sip and rehydrate. I slept from 8-5:30 am when the kids woke up and he was getting ready for work. I knew the kids would be early risers today after a day of lazing around.

I took my temp – 98.5! Yahoo! My stomach seems to not be all cramping and bloated. Maybe this stomach flu is gone?! Kids are all home today too as we have a 4 day weekend. I hope we can get out into the fresh air a bit today and enjoy the weekend. I’ve got to go boil my bedsheets and Lysol the house!

Being so sick and caring for kids all day is just the worst of the worst – and really impossible.

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