Ready, Set, Hydrate! Cocktails for Your Super Bowl Party

Ready, Set, Hydrate! Cocktails for Your Super Bowl Party

Disclosure: I received items for my review. All opinions are mine alone.

Whether you’re rooting for the Patriots **wink wink** or the Falcons, everyone can enjoy some Super Bowl sips courtesy of Sparkling Ice, the wildly popular zero-calorie beverage. With zero carbs and no sugar added, you can enjoy festive and guilt-free cocktails throughout the whole game. Even better, you can color coordinate the fruity flavors to match your team colors!

New England Swigger

new england swigger - sparkling ice

4 oz. Sparkling Ice Cherry Limeade

Mint Leaves
Mashed cherries
1 tsp. Lime juice
2 oz. Club soda

1 oz. Vodka

Directions – Muddle a small handful of cherries and a few mint leaves into the bottom of a glass. Combine with Sparkling Ice Cherry Limeade and lime juice and mix. Top with club soda.

Super Bowl Supercooler

Super Bowl Supercooler - sparkling ice


1 Part Riesling

1 Part Sparkling Ice Pomegranate Blueberry

Pomegranate Seeds


Teaspoon Agave


Directions – Mix all in a pitcher, pour into wine glasses, and add a mint leaf garnish.

Fruity Falcon Vodka Lemonade

Fruity Falcon Vodka Lemonade - sparkling ice


3 cups seedless watermelon pieces

3 lemons, juiced

½ cup vodka

¼ cup fresh mint

2 cups Sparkling Ice Essence of Lemon Lime

Directions – In a blender, puree the watermelon and lemon juice, strain through a sieve into a drink pitcher. Add mint, vodka, and Sparkling Ice Essence of Lemon Lime- then stir. Serve over ice and garnish with fresh mint.

ENJOY and Happy Super Bow Sunday!

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