T W O // Anthony is Two Years Old

T W O // Anthony is Two Years Old

Anthony turned two years old in November. Just three days after his oldest sister turned six to be exact. September to November is typically a blur in our house and this year especially.

September was the month that Gabriella went off to kindergarten and sister Val went off to her first year of preschool. Then it seemed that illness was stuck here until after the November birthdays. It was pretty miserable. Strep throat, strep throat, fifth disease, colds, and more strep throat!

Anthony didn’t have a formal birthday bash. My poor guy was super sick with strep throat and miserable on his actual birthday. I’m fairly certain, he even threw up that day and we took him to the pediatrician. What a way to bring in the second year of your life. I took it pretty hard, and that’s probably why I haven’t written about his birthday until today – three months later!

A lot has changed in the year since he turned two. His development is off the charts in growth and everything else. He knows his letters and numbers, LOVES music and can tell me different instruments from pictures! He is super personable and outgoing, loves his sisters and misses them terribly when they are at school, still sleeps in a crib and hasn’t tried to escape, loves his stuffed animals especially his *tiggy*, loves to play outside, is my most easy going child and has the best laugh EVER! Not a huge fan of getting his picture taken. 🙂


Anthony is signed up for preschool in September! I can’t imagine what that will be like??? I still call him the baby – probably always will.

He had his first haircut a week ago today! Anthony sat on my lap and let my hairdresser cut away some of the baby stuff that had him looking like he had a mullet/combover! Had to bribe him with a few chips just to get these quick pictures in the car while we waited to pick up Val from school! He has some curl to his hair and now it looks more kept – I’m hoping to see how it grows out and would love to keep it longer. We shall see!

Anthony First Haircut


Happy birthday B-A-B-Y!

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