Bath Time “Frozen” Fun with Suave Kids

Bath Time “Frozen” Fun with Suave Kids

Disclosure: So happy to share this blog post I created as a Suave Kids partner. The Disney, Frozen and Star Wars trademarks are used by Unilever pursuant to a license agreement with The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.

The past few days here have been simply amazing in Connecticut! The weather has just been picture perfect – kids are spending every minute outside with me soaking up the warm sunshine and warm breezes. It is unseasonable for this time of year so we are enjoying it while we can.

With all the time outside comes muddy kids. The snow had a rapid melt with all the warmer temps and that leaves the grounds defrosted and muddy. I’m not gonna stop them from a good old run in the mud – so I let them enjoy and stop, roll, ride, and jump as much as they want. Only I know that after all this fun, a warm and bubbly bath with the NEW Suave Kids® Disney Frozen collection will have all three of them looking like new.

We’ve been washing up with these new products from Suave® and I must say they have been a hit with the kids. As soon as we got the box in the mail and opened it up – seeing their beloved characters from Frozen on the bottles had them rushing for baths and showers. The bottles for Disney Frozen Elsa 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner in Berry Flurry AND Disney Frozen Olaf 2-1 Shampoo + Body Wash in Icy Grape are HUGE (28 ounces each) which I was most excited to see at first. I have three kids to bath and shampoo so you can imagine how quickly a small bottle of soap lasts here…

Suave® has brand loyalty and can easily be found in most stores – their products offer quality beauty and grooming solutions for the entire family to help you look good, smell good and feel good every day! Over the past couple years, Suave® Kids has started to debut new product lines to make bath time fun with kid and Mom approved products. Did you know Suave® is the #1 kids’ haircare brand?!

You can tell we are making bath time magical here with the NEW Suave Kids® Disney Frozen collection!

Suave Kids

Suave Kids

When bath time is over, Disney Frozen Anna Detangler Spray in Sparkle Berry tackles the toughest knots, tames flyaways and makes hair more manageable, leaving it extra soft, smooth and shiny!

With three kids it always isn’t easy getting them motivated to wash up at the end of the day. A few tricks I’ve found to work with the girls are to get them involved in their own self-care. My oldest is six and likes to take a shower. She can wash herself up, and likes that independence. I help her with her hair, but other than that she is mostly on her own and that makes her more willing to wash. My three year old gal is eager to be doing what her older sister does so she will shower too! Win – win! Anthony is happy to see bubbles so a few squirts of soap in the tub and he is all in!

Bath time is a great time to wash off our day and reflect on the fun we had together. I love sharing this end of the day routine with my kids and Suave is making it all the more magical with their popular Disney characters!

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