Good Food Made Simple’s New Entrée Meals Available at Target

Good Food Made Simple’s New Entrée Meals Available at Target

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post will Good Food Made Simple. All opinions are mine alone.

I’ve tried a lot of frozen meals, but most of them are pretty meh at best. So, I just don’t bother buying them at all. TJ likes the convenience of taking them to work for lunch most days so I was happy to discover a new brand, Good Food Made Simple. And, I found it at my favorite shopping spot, Target.

Good Food Made Simple

Maker of the #1 brand of natural and organic breakfast burritos, Good Food Made Simple is committed to revolutionizing the freezer aisle with clean, made-with-organic foods. Just this month, Good Food Made Simple announced its expansion to lunch and dinner with a new line of restaurant inspired Entrée Meals. The Entrée Meals are made with organic ingredients and use simple, real foods like whole grains, organic veggies and humanely raised meats. Focused on flavor, Good food Made Simple worked with a professional chef to recreate restaurant-inspired recipes for a true culinary journey. Ingredients are important to me and being able to easily read the ingredients on each item is what makes my decision to buy one product over another. 

good food made simple

What we both like best about these meals, is that they fit into our gluten free lifestyle. A lot of frozen meals have pasta as a filler, but Good Food Made Simple has options with rice making them still filling, yet gluten free! And, with breakfast options like steel cut oatmeal, egg whites, and bacon and eggs there is no need to skip that most important meal of the day.

What item would you most like to try? Do you include frozen entrees as part of your weekly meal(s)? Why pay top dollar for chicken pad thai when you can grab this delicious version for less than $4 and ready in minutes. No calling and waiting for takeout!

The Entrée Meals launched nationally at Target stores and are available in the frozen aisle in 12 varieties retailing for $3.99.



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