I Hate My Electrolux Refrigerator

I Hate My Electrolux Refrigerator 

First thing I looked at when we were shopping for a home was the kitchen. I spend a good deal of time in there and wanted to be sure it was updated and clean. There was no time for renovations as I was pregnant with Valentina while we were house hunting and time wasn’t on our side.

I liked the kitchen in this house. Didn’t love the paint color, but the rest of it was great. A good size, updated, nice natural light, good lighting, and really nice updated appliances. The giant stainless steel french door refrigerator and 5 burner gas stovetop bascially sealed the deal for me. The rest of the house was a bonus – this was the best kitchen we’d seen yet – move in ready.

Well, we moved in several months later and just two weeks shy of my due date with Val. It was super hot and mid-June and my favorite treat was chewing on ice. I know, weird, but it was cold and refreshing and I loved it.

Electrolux refrigerator

Guess what guys? The fancy Electrolux refrigerator wasn’t making ice! Ok, so we troubleshooted and noticed the ice maker was off. We turned it on. Then we waited and waited and waited about 24 hours until we realized this thing wasn’t making squat!

I was pretty upset – as you can imagine a 9 month pregnant lady can be. We called Electrolux and they made us go through all these setting on the fridge, turning it on and off, putting different codes in and then finally selling us an extended warranty for nearly $300. We bought into their game and we also ordered new water and air filters, another $300 bucks and scheduled for a tech to come look at thing damn thing. This fridge costs over four grand, so we didn’t feel too bad about the initial costs if we were gonna get this thing to make ice. It should last us a good while after we get this settled…

Tech came out – gave it a look. Put some new shelf into the freezer, why I don’t know – get this, the ice maker is up top in the fridge. He told us it was Electrolux’s first solution in the ice situation…hmmmm. Left and told us that we should have ice soon. No ice became of that. We called Electrolux service line again – they scheduled the tech to come out again and this next time he applied some grease to the ice maker. This did the trick! We started getting ice from this thing and it was amazing! Granted, this Electrolux fridge doesn’t make a lot of ice and it doesn’t make ice quickly. If 5 adults had iced drinks this thing would be out of ice and making more.

Right before Fall the damn thing quit making ice again. So, we had a good few months. We called service again – the same tech came out and replaced the motor to the ice maker. I was pretty frazzled at this point because this would be the third or fourth or fifth time I’ve had to call service, have the tech come out and make a diagnosis, he orders a part, and then has to come back again. That is a lot of time out of my life for ice! Why won’t this thing work?!

It made ice again for awhile after that and then it stopped again. And this time when it stopped we had to turn it off because it was making ice, but then the ice was defrosting leaving a huge mess of water inside the shelves of the fridge. BLAH! Ya know what …. Electrolux wanted us to pay another $300 bucks for another year long extended warranty! Hell no! Just so we can have this scenario continue?

I bought ice trays! Ice trays! WTF! I can understand that isn’t a big deal to most, but I can’t remember a time in my life with a fridge that required ice trays. And, since this is a french door refrigerator, the ice trays go into the bottom draw freezer. Guess what? When that thing closes the water from the ice trays goes all over because it vacuum seals!

Guess what happened next? A shit ton of people complain and start a class action lawsuit with Electrolux for this very reason. They know their product is DEFECTIVE! NOT COOL MAN! After six or 8 months we all get a check for $125. I’m not sure what that dollar amount is going to do for all of us? It certainly won’t fix the ice problem or even pay for one year of an extended warranty.

We’ve been without the ice maker for a solid year now. The rest of the refrigerator is great. I’m ready to kick it to the curb. I went window shopping at Home Depot over the weekend and I’m ready to take the plunge on something else THAT MAKES ICE. My favorite drink is ICED COFFEE!! Plus, there are 5 people here and I have three ice trays going at once.

What do you think? Do you have this refrigerator? Ugh!

I have my eye on this beauty, the Samsung Family Hub. Oooh La La!

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