My First Rent the Runway

My First Rent the Runway 

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Guys! We have a babysitter for Saturday night and plans to go out to THE parents events of the school year. This is an annual night out hosted by my kindergartener’s school that helps raise money for school programs. We prepaid and it is food, DJ, open bar (what!), photo booths, silent auction and more!

I’m pretty excited for a night out – especially one that I can get fancy for!

After a quick look through my closet I discovered I had nothing – NOTHING to wear for this time of year. It is still winter here in Connecticut and cold. Every dress in my closet is for sunny days. I don’t like to be cold so more often you will find me hibernating all winter in jeans, and cozy clothes. Also, I’m not leaving the house after dark, in the cold, nope!

I don’t want to buy a dress for one night. Eh – nope. So I remembered Rent the Runway and browsed what they had. Their site is super easy to navigate. You can select the type of event, chose a date you need the item(s) for, select your size, price range, weather, and more.

I chose cocktail and long sleeve. I have no tan and don’t need to be blinding anyone with my pale winter skin. HA!

Rent the Runway

First choice dress

I immediately spotted a style I loved and added it to my cart. Then, I chose a bag, and earrings too! When I went to checkout I had a 20% off code since it was my first time shopping and my total for everything was around $80! That is insane. I could easily spend that on a bag or a pair of shoes. Now, I’m getting the whole enchilada. Of course I had reservations. The site suggests you choose an alternate style and some additional sizes which makes sense. Imagine you only select one thing and it arrives and you hate it or the fit is wrong?!

Anyway, I did this on Tuesday for delivery on Friday (tomorrow). On Wednesday I got an email saying my first choice dress was NO LONGER AVAILABLE and my second choice was due to ship. BLAH! I immediately called and got a stylist on the phone. She said that when the dress I reserved was returned to them – it was either damaged or not returned yet… So, I had to go back to the site and see what else I could find. I wasn’t really sold on the second choice dress.

Second choice dress

Second choice dress

The stylist told me I could rent a dress that was two times the price of my original selection because of what happened. Awesome. So, I found another dress that I had originally overlooked because it was more money. Maybe it was meant to be after all?! This dress I picked has a retail price of $1,180! I could never buy a dress for that price for a night out! All I know is that I hope when both these two dresses arrive here tomorrow one of them looks amazing! I still have my reservations!

Final dress choice

Final dress choice

Now, I have some shoes and it goes along with the stylist suggestion on RTR. I was really hoping to wear black ankle booties with my first dress choice to keep myself warm! But, guess my toes will be out to the elements. At least there is no snow in the forecast for Saturday. Pedicure is mandatory – that hasn’t happened since October. Gasp!

nine west - zappos - rent the runway

I also rented a bag from RTR. Why not! Scored this cutie for under $20! I have a few small black clutches, but wanted something with sparkle to contrast all the black. Also, gimme all the rose gold!

rose gold mesh minaudiere

rose gold mesh minaudiere

I’m excited to see how this all comes together. I’ll definitely be posting to Instagram and Snapchat tomorrow and Saturday so check there if you want to see too. I’ll have a recap up on Monday about my overall thoughts and opinion of RTR.

Now, to deal with a hair option. What do you guys think? Hair up or down? I was thinking hair down and super straight? Not sure.

Have you ever used Rent the Runway? Did you love it? Hate it?


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