A Snow Day and Spring Ahead

A Snow Day and Spring Ahead

For the love all all things…why is it snowing?! I know it is STILL March and all, but we’ve had some really nice days that had the flowers in the yard thinking Spring and all of us humans hopeful the snow was gone for good. My Time Hop is telling me of the warmer days we were having just one year ago. 70 degrees and pictures of us at the park or playground.

School closed!

snow - spring ahead

And, Tuesday is looking like a blizzard compared to what we will end up with after today. I was really wanting to pack all the snow gear away for next year and start buying the kids jellies and sandals. It is such torture going to the stores and seeing all the warm weather clothing and not buying it. Or, buying it and just looking at it sit in the closet.

Can you relate? Are you in a four season zone? Have you had it with winter? Why is winter so long and summer so short?

I am trying to embrace it all. It looks pretty. It is wet snow so it is sticking to everything except the driveway and roads which is a plus. I had the sliding door and windows open to get some fresh air flowing through the past few days. Glad I did.

I haven’t left the house since Tuesday! Again, my kids are battling some weird virus. Fevers, a cough and just overall blah. It started last Friday with my oldest and has since passed on to my middle lady. Someone is always missing school. Hoping that Anthony is spared.

How do kids have perfect attendance?!

While waiting with my neighbors at the bus stop this week one sprung it on the rest of us that we were changing the clocks this weekend. Say what?! Did you know too or are you as blindsided as I am?


We actually have a weekend without plans! That is most exciting. No birthdays or activities. My mother in law is due to visit, but that leaves us still taking it a day at a time. Also, my husband is on Spring Break next week! An extra hand around is going to be great and the kids are in school!

Hope you have a great weekend! And, don’t forget to set the clocks AHEAD!

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