#MomsNightOut at Board and Brush

#MomsNightOut at Board and Brush After a week of the stomach flu it was so awesome to have had this moms night out planned and on the calendar. I had even prepaid so blowing it off wasn’t really an option. When Saturday evening came – in stead of changing into my pj’s at 630 pm […]

Snowed In! Winter Storm Niko

Snowed In! Winter Storm Niko Boy oh boy! Winter is here now. We had a major blizzard yesterday – winter storm Niko blasted the Northeast all day yesterday dumping heavy snow. Rain, wind, thunder snow and lightening and snow pilling up 1-4 inches an hour. It was insane to watch. The kids loved being home […]


SNOW Day Over the weekend we had our first substantial snowfall here in Connecticut dropping more than 6 inches of powdery snow. It came down slow and snowed all day Saturday into the night. We stayed inside Saturday as it was bitterly cold and windy and promised the kids we would get out to play […]

A Lifestyle Change: Going Gluten Free

A Lifestyle Change: Going Gluten Free I think it was just this past September that I decided to totally cut gluten from my diet. My husband had cut gluten because his gut was all out of whack after a round of antibiotics for a virus. At least, that is the conclusion his primary care doc […]

Week in Review: Christmas Break 2016

Week in Review: Christmas Break 2016 ::long post:: Today is the day we are back to our regularly scheduled routine of school, work, and the day to day grind of Monday thru Friday. Last week was the the first time we were all together as a family of five for such an extended period of […]

What a Day! Dealing with our First Serious Wound

What a Day! Dealing with our First Serious Wound  Yesterday started out like any other day. Got the kids ready, got Gabriella off on the bus and then loaded Valentina and Anthony into the van for swim lessons. Typically I like to leave earlier just in case traffic is a mess. So when we arrived […]

Growing My Village

Growing My Village We’ve been living in Connecticut for a little more than three years now. I’ve mentioned before how immediate family is a two hour car ride away. That and all of our closest friends who are mostly back in Rhode Island or scattered across the country. Making new friends as an adult isn’t […]

First Snowfall!

First Snowfall!  It has been COLD! So cold that we have had the heat on for a couple weeks already. Yup. Those few days of Fall that I could open the windows without the AC on were glorious, but short lived. When I woke up this morning I checked the weather on my phone as […]

Marvelous in My Monday

Marvelous in My Monday Hello! Today’s weather is like a Spring day! I have turned the heat off and opened the windows as we get ready for temps in the mid 70s! Feels awesome. I was really hoping for some weather in between Summer and Winter that would allow the air to flow through the […]

Marvelous in My Monday #MIMM

Marvelous in My Monday #MIMM A new week and we are all healthy! Knock on wood! I can’t even tell you how relived I am to not be taking my kids temp every hour, administering OTC meds and prescriptions. It feels awesome and I hope it stays like this for a long time. We had […]

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