A Bat in My Attic!!

A Bat in My Attic!! Folks, there was something making sounds in our attic a few months back. We had the exterminator come and check it out thinking mice, we’ve had some before. Well, the guy came down from the attic and said he didn’t see any signs of mice, but he did find bat […]

Marvelous In My Monday

Marvelous In My Monday How was your weekend? Well, here we are another Monday – in July no less. Friday my furry dude was gone most of the day at the vet. He just turned four and we had him neutered. Blah – what a birthday gift! We waited until he was a full grown […]

How to Makeover Your Dining Room Table (Phase 3)

How to Makeover Your Dining Room Table (Phase 3) I AM DONE! Our table is back in its rightful place – the dining room. Everyone is pleased to no longer have to eat meals on a plastic folding table. It was fun at first, but we were sitting rather closely together which can be good […]

How to Make Over Your Dining Room Table (Phase 2)

How to Make Over Your Dining Room Table (Phase 2) Remember I started refinishing my dining room table last month. Yeah, we are still eating at a folding table! OMG. The weather hasn’t been amazing to do this sort of work as it has either been boiling hot or raining. So, that was a bit […]

How to Makeover Your Dining Room Table (Phase 1)

How to Makeover Your Dining Room Table (Phase 1) Pinterest made me do it. Our dining room table has some miles on it. Its a hand me down from my father-in-law and has moved around with us since 2002. I think it is around 15-20 years old. It is pretty beat up and showing its […]

Melted Crayon Ornament – DIY

Melted Crayon Ornament – DIY Every year I circulate through my Pinterest board looking for ways the kids can help make gifts for friends, family and teachers. Every year I’ve seen something with melted crayons. I feel like melted crayons became all the rage the year my oldest was born. I was seeing melted crayon […]

Nautical Curtain Tie Back // DIY

Nautical Curtain Tie Back // DIY Anthony is getting close to 11 months old, but that doesn’t mean his room is totally complete. There are finishing touches to be completed including adding curtain ties to his curtains. He has these very heavy blackout curtains from Pottery Barn kids, with white roman shades hung underneath. I […]

Bring the Outdoors in // Valentines Day {DIY}

Bring the Outdoors in // Valentines Day {DIY} Decorating for the holidays, keeping two small gals in mind, can be tricky. I don’t have the time to decorate every room. I don’t have the time or energy to dig into my crafts supplies and make a ton of adorable things. I want one stand out […]

Instagram Photo Frame {DIY}

Instagram Photo Frame {DIY} In our family, gifts for the grandparents are always homemade. I mean, what do you buy people who already have it all? One of my New Year’s resolutions is to print the pictures I take with my iPhone. I mean, I usually have at least a thousand or more saved to […]

Toddler Easter Watercolor Activity

I am so excited that G is at the age where she gets really excited about interactive activities especially arts and crafts. She and I went to Michael’s the other day and loaded up on supplies we needed for a couple of Easter crafts. The weather has been a total mess outside so I was […]

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