Catch the Moment 365!

Catch the Moment 365! I’m so excited to be taking part in this project, Catch the Moment 365. Every day, for this year, I will take a photo. Catch a moment, maybe a posed picture, maybe a mundane task of my day, just one photo of a moment in my day. Goal: one photo, every […]

Weekly Photo Challenge | Motion

All photo challenges should be based around your children (pets are always welcome).  TweetShare

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

All photo challenges should be based around your children (pets are always welcome). The challenge: “Love” TweetShare

Wordless-ish Wednesday | Instagram Photos

Here are a bunch of random shots from my iPhone over the past couple of days. If you still haven’t signed up for Instagram then thats too bad. Its super fun and addictive. It use to be just for iPhone’s, but now you Android peeps can have a go at it too. I just made […]

Wordless-ish Wednesday | Cozy Coupe!

So we saved up a bunch of those Gifts to Grow points from Pampers when we use to use “sposies” aka disposable diapers. We ordered G a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car with the points. It was something ridiculous like 4,000 points which probably cost over a grand in diapers and wipes. This […]

Wordless-ish Wednesday | Monster Pants!

Today’s outfit channelled a young Punky Brewster. If you grew up during the 80s you must know who I am referring to. {Showing my age} I am lucky enough to still be in really close contact with my junior high English teacher and gym teacher. Good times right?! Well, these two lovely ladies knit and […]

Wordless Wednesday | Valentine’s Day Photos

Our Valentine’s Day was all about chill-axin! To the point where we {all 3 of us} stayed in our PJ’s for the better part of the day. But guess what, I didn’t mind one bit! We use to go out on Valentine’s Day but found we didn’t like it one bit.  I baked some chocolate-chip […]

Weekly Photo Challenge | January Favorite Photo {Wordless Wednesday}

This is my favorite photo from January. It was the first time Gabriella had really seen snow up close and personal. I’m so glad she loves the snow as much as I do!  TweetShare

LifeCubby – The PERFECT Online Parenting Tool!

Have you heard of LifeCubby yet? I was recently introduced to it and just had to check it out. Living in this age of technology this is another way to help us preserve our memories digitally.  And, best of all, its FREE! I mean how many of us really have the time to sit down […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: PETS! (Wordless-ish Wednesday)

Look at this sweet girls face! Lucy will be FIVE in January so of course we will be celebrating with a cake from Gracie’s Gourmet Goodies (GGG to us Rhody folks).  “A Sunny Spot” I’m linking up with these lovelies for Wordless Wednesday! {The Paper Mama, And Then She Snapped, Jenni From The Blog, Live and Love…Out Loud, 5 […]

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