Shutterfly Wood Wall Art!

Shutterfly Wood Wall Art! I’ve had some credit sitting in my Shutterfly account for a long time. I take hundreds of photos a month, but I never print them?!?! I decided its time to start printing. Shutterfly has so many new products to choose from. Its insane! I’ve been looking for something with a monogram/initial […]

Frosty Friday :: No Signs of Spring Here!

Aren’t we suppose to Spring ahead this weekend? Woke up to quite the surprise here in New York today. We though we would get some snow, but nothing like we are seeing out the windows. I guess Winter has other plans for us this weekend too as temperatures are forecasted to be near 50 degrees. […]

Wordless Wednesday | Blizzard Nemo

I don’t think I’ll actually ever have a totally wordless Wednesday so whatever! Well, I actually broke out the big guns for this storm. Charged up the batteries in my Canon DSLR and was determined to get a few good shots of G and Rhody’s first blizzard. Side-note- what are the secrets to taking photos […]

Wordless Wednesday | It’s a…

Another not so wordless Wednesday. 🙂 So, I went for my anatomy scan today, which always makes me nervous. I mean, I have’t seen the babe since about ten weeks and that was ten weeks ago. I was anxious to hear that heartbeat. It amazes me every single time. A sound that never gets old […]

Wordless Wednesday | More Landlord Shenanigans

Another not so wordless Wednesday! 🙂 Sure, we noticed things when we first looked at this place. Weird things here and there that didn’t seem the norm. But, what can you do really when you are looking for a rental. You’ve got to overlook some things to gain others. For instance, this weird blob in […]

Wordless Wednesday | Princess Tent

New Year means my attempt at a ‘wordless’ Wednesday post. 🙂 My parents “Santa” gave G a princess pop up tent for Christmas. Now that we are home, T.J. set it up in her bedroom. The other night after her bath and pj’s were on she took her Mini Mouse pillow pet and a blanket […]

My Favorite Instagrams of 2012!

Some of my favorite Instagrams of 2012. What were your favorites? Without a doubt Instagram is by far my favorite photo app. Since I started my account I have taken 1,004 photos! EEK! I take at least one photo a day if not more. If you want to follow me and see all the day […]

Wordless Wednesday | The 2012 Christmas Tree

So, I had all these elaborate plans for getting a Christmas tree this year. I checked with some moms around town in the playgroup and they all recomended these great farms where you can cut down your own tree, blah blah. T.J. and I use to ALWAYS tag and chop our tree…before G. We would […]

Print Your Instagram Photos!

Okay, I have to be honest when I say that I have nearly one thousand Instagram photos! Is that crazy? I think I upload at least one to three photos a day to that app. Well, I am going to PRINT SOME! Imagine what that would be like?! All those photos I share everyday with […]

Wordless Wednesday | My Little Patriots Fan

We are huge Patriots fans in this house. Every time they play or we watch a game we like to show our support by wearing fan apparel. TweetShare

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