Tasty Tuesday :: Dairy Free Milk Making Shake

Tasty Tuesday :: Dairy Free Milk Making Shake Here is another really quick recipe I developed to boost my milk for my freezer stash. Its based on one of my favorite smoothies I created when I was first pregnant with G. I think it tastes even better this way and its toddler approved without the […]

Apple Bread :: Tasty Tuesday

Apple Bread :: Tasty Tuesday I mentioned last week that we went apple picking. Well, we have a TON of apples and I have been trying to find ways to use up all the apples we picked. Of course there is the typical apple treats like pie, candied, and caramel-ed, as well as apple crisp. […]

Carrot, Broccoli and Cheese Orzo :: A Weelicious Recipe :: Tasty Tuesday

Carrot, Broccoli and Cheese Orzo :: A Weelicious Recipe :: Tasty Tuesday I have no idea why I didn’t know about this site or app before. Yea, an Iphone app even. But, a friend of mine Heather from HousewifeHeather recently told me about it when I was searching for side dishes for our Easter feast. I […]

Blueberry Banana {No Flour} Muffins :: Tasty Tuesday

While checking out my Instagram feed last week, one of my favorite Mama’s posted a recipe that she stumbled upon. She has been making it almost every single day since with her toddler so of course I had to try it. I didn’t have to buy any ingredients to make these muffins and hardly any […]

Authentic Fish Tacos :: Tasty Tuesday

We have been eating more fish over the past month or so as we celebrated Lent. We typically eat fish on Fridays during this time so I was looking for a new, yet easy recipes to try out. One of G’s favorite meals is tacos so I thought fish tacos would totally be a hit. And, […]

Pantry Pasta :: Tasty Tuesday Recipe Swap!

So this past Saturday T.J. took G for a play date with her cousins in New Jersey. I had the majority of the day to myself and I was TOLD to be lazy. Lazy doesn’t really fit my type A personality, but I think I succeeded even though I did some laundry. 🙂 So, they […]

A Meal in Minutes! | Tasty Tuesday

Hopping on that pregnant little violin again and talking about meals. I LOVE to cook and bake all the time. We might get takeout once a week and it usually is lunch or pizza for dinner. So, that means that all of those other meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner for seven days is made […]

Chicken Chili | Tasty Tuesday #Recipe Swap

So, obviously yesterday was the Super Bowl. We watched it for a bit, but not really. Our team wasn’t playing and the commercials weren’t as exciting as we hoped. At 9pm we turned on Downton Abby, our favorite show. Earlier in the day, T.J. started making chili. Chicken chili, since I don’t eat beef. It […]

Crock Pot Orange Chicken | #TastyTuesday Recipe Swap!

I am sure if you are on Pinterest then you have seen this recipe floating around. I actually had pinned it more than once over the course of the last year. Good grief. So, in my pursuit to add new recipes to our dinner and crock pot rotation in the new year, I tested it […]

Another House Hunting Update…

A week ago Sunday I wrote about how we were excited to put an offer in on a house that we could actually see ourselves living in. Well, that all ended on Wednesday. We found out that our offer wasn’t the chosen one. When the owner asked all three potential buyers to go back and […]

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