Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day My girls were very excited to wake up to celebrate Valentine’s Day! My little man has been calling today “Valentine’s Heart Day” and its freaking adorable! We’ve been ready Llama Llama I Love You for weeks now and it has become one of his favorite bedtime stories. Since both of the girl’s […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! XO

Just wanted to share a sweet little picture of G with all of you & wish you a very Happy Valentine’s day. XO I took this picture with my iPhone. {Can’t wait to get the 5 in a couple weeks!} New favorite app is called Red Stamp. Its FREE! Check it out. G is already […]

Wordless Wednesday | Valentine’s Day Photos

Our Valentine’s Day was all about chill-axin! To the point where we {all 3 of us} stayed in our PJ’s for the better part of the day. But guess what, I didn’t mind one bit! We use to go out on Valentine’s Day but found we didn’t like it one bit.  I baked some chocolate-chip […]


This is it! The final countdown to the hugs and kisses holiday known affectionately as Valentine’s Day!  Come and link up with me over at TheVintageApple.com!  Source: thepapermama.com via Candice on Pinterest Source: marthastewart.com via Candice on Pinterest Source: realsimple.com via Candice on Pinterest Source: asubtlerevelry.com via Candice on Pinterest Source: images.search.yahoo.com via Samantha on Pinterest […]

Happy #Valentine’sDay from Tiffany & Co.

What girl or woman doesn’t have visions of a perfectly blue box awaiting her? I have been a collector of Tiffany jewelry now for some time. Their pieces are timeless and each piece in my collection reminds me of a very special moment. Moments I hope to pass down to my daughter.  With Valentine’s Day […]


More Valentine’s Day pinning! Let the countdown begin. And Happy February 1st!  Linking up again with Michelle over at TheVintageApple.com!  Source: toms.com via Candice on Pinterest Source: tiffany.com via Candice on Pinterest Source: eighteen25.blogspot.com via Meg on Pinterest Source: sixsistersstuff.com via Candice on Pinterest Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com via Candice on Pinterest TweetShare

Valentine’s Day Cards @TinyPrints

I know you have heard me mention Tiny Prints before for this and that. Well here we are just a little less than three weeks away from Valentine’s Day!  Does your child hand out Valentine’s at their school? Maybe you help organize a Valentine’s day party at home or at their school? Well if so […]


Still thinking about Valentine’s Day? I sure am!  And, of course I found more FABULOUS stuff on my favorite site!  Linking up with Michelle over at TheVintageApple.com! She is fancy so check her out!  Source: bhg.com via Candice on Pinterest Source: moorea-seal.com via Candice on Pinterest Source: justinesmith.net via Candice on Pinterest TweetShare

Tasty Tuesday #Link-Up! #Recipe

Can you believe it is Tuesday again?! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Here in New England we cheered on the Patriots on Sunday. I’m sure you’ve heard that they will be facing the New York Giants in the Super Bowl in just a couple of weeks. Yahoo! I think I’ll have a […]

#Valentine’s Day! #Valentine’s Day!

I am looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year! I don’t remember much of what we did last year, but I’m certain we didn’t go out. I think we just stayed in and got some take-out or something. Plus, we don’t have any Valentine’s Day traditions and Gabriella was still so young and I was […]

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