Wordless Wednesday // Summer Sisters

Wordless Wednesday // Summer Sisters I am so excited to have a yard! We have almost hit the one year mark of living in our new home. That went by like a blink of an eye. No matter were we have lived, we have never really had a yard to enjoy without people watching, cigarette […]

Summer Recap :: Instagram Style :: Wordless Wednesday

Summer Recap :: Instagram Style :: Wordless Wednesday Summer of 2013 is coming to a close. I thought it would be fun to put together a little collage of some of the Instagram photos I’ve taken over the past few months. This summer was very eventful for our family. We packed up our things and […]

Being a Big Sister is so Very Exciting! :: Wordless Wednesday

Being a Big Sister is so Very Exciting! To say G is excited and in love with Val is just the tip of the sister ice berg! She is SO thrilled that Val is part of our family and almost every day asks if Val is bigger yet so that they can play. As soon […]

Wordless Wednesday :: First Family Trip

Wordless Wednesday :: First Family Trip First, let me ask, why is it that when you have plans and WANT your children to wake up early…they don’t. A typical morning in our house lately starts around 6, or earlier. Eek! Today, both gals “slept in” until 6:45! So, since all of us needed to eat […]

Wordless Wednesday :: Tired

Wordless Wednesday :: Tired I’m tired. Last night was rough, I’m not gonna lie. It was almost like that first night home from the hospital. You and a newborn and a new environment. Val awoke from a nearly three hour nap around 9pm. I feed her…a lot. I changed her diaper, got her all cozied […]

Wordless Wednesday :: Home Alone

Wordless Wednesday :: Home Alone Yesterday was my first go at bring home alone with the girls and Rhody. T.J. left for work around 5:30am to beat the New York traffic and wouldn’t arrive back home until after 3pm. The weather is not cooperating at all this week for outside play. It’s super hot and […]

Wordless Wednesday :: 27 Days and Counting

Wordless Wednesday :: 27 Days and Counting Had my weekly visit to the OB on Monday and had a quick ultrasound to see what baby sister’s position was. She was head down initially, but by the end the tech said she was transverse. This has me a bit concerned since at this point she should […]

Wordless Wednesday | Blizzard Nemo

I don’t think I’ll actually ever have a totally wordless Wednesday so whatever! Well, I actually broke out the big guns for this storm. Charged up the batteries in my Canon DSLR and was determined to get a few good shots of G and Rhody’s first blizzard. Side-note- what are the secrets to taking photos […]

Wordless Wednesday | It’s a…

Another not so wordless Wednesday. 🙂 So, I went for my anatomy scan today, which always makes me nervous. I mean, I have’t seen the babe since about ten weeks and that was ten weeks ago. I was anxious to hear that heartbeat. It amazes me every single time. A sound that never gets old […]

Wordless Wednesday | My Pregnant Sweet Tooth Fix

I mentioned before my affection for all things cupcakes. I have a pretty special place in my heart for Cool Whip products and especially their new line of frosting. Well, today, on a very snowy New York day I recieved a special delivery from Cool Whip and Kraft foods. A delivery of assorted cupcakes! Talk […]

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