T W O // Anthony is Two Years Old

T W O // Anthony is Two Years Old Anthony turned two years old in November. Just three days after his oldest sister turned six to be exact. September to November is typically a blur in our house and this year especially. September was the month that Gabriella went off to kindergarten and sister Val […]

O N E / Anthony is ONE – A Whale Birthday

O N E / Anthony is ONE – A Whale Birthday My littlest love turned one a week ago. My last little baby to have a first birthday. Gah, its a hard pill to swallow. We had a nice party with family to celebrate at our home. It was a great day. I chose a […]

First Birthday Gift Ideas // Boys

First Birthday Gift Ideas // Boys We are into some serious party planning here. With just a little more than two weeks until Anthony turns ONE and G turns FIVE I am crafting, shopping and baking away every chance I get. When Val turned one, I put together a board of ideas on what a […]

Eleven Months! // #BabyBrotherM

Eleven Months! // #BabyBrotherM Here we are. The final countdown until my last little baby’s first birthday. I seriously have one million emotions thinking about how this is the last first birthday I will plan. *Tears* Just last week while watching G at her swim lesson I saw a little boy toddle by and felt […]

Birthday Planning Times 2!

Birthday Planning Times 2! As we flip the calendar to October I quickly started to panic. November followers October and that can only mean one thing…well, two things. Birthdays for two of my three! Anthony will turn ONE on November 7th and Gabriella will turn FIVE on the 4th! Yeah…not just in the same month, […]

Ten Months! #BabyBrotherM

Ten Months! #BabyBrotherM Ohhhhh Emmmmmm Geeeeeeee! My baby is just two months from his first birthday! Am I really going to start planning his first birthday soon?! My little guy is full of joy! He is such a happy baby…I know, I keep saying it, but its true. He is so jolly and giggly, and […]

Nine Months! #BabyBrotherM

Nine Months! #BabyBrotherM Nine months in, nine months out. Hard to believe it let me tell ya. In just the past month, my little baby has grown SO MUCH! He has two teeth! Two teeth…teeth are a serious milestone because it means more *real* foods. My guy loves to eat. He hasn’t turned anything down […]

Eight Months! #BabyBrotherM

Eight Months! #BabyBrotherM Um, not sure what is going on here exactly, but my little baby man is EIGHT MONTHS OLD! I actually had to go to the paper calendar hanging in my kitchen and physically count the months to be sure it was true. It was. My last little baby. The reality is really […]

Six Month Update // #BabyBrotherM

Six Month Update // #BabyBrotherM Better late than never. My little man, my last little baby is already six months old! I have to admit, this is my favorite age. The millstones are fun, their little personalities start to really shine through, and they are super interactive. Maybe they are even sleeping more overnight?! Anthony […]

Spring is Springing!

Spring is Springing! The coats are off! The t-shirts are on! Spring is finally acting like Spring…maybe even like Summer. We have been spending every single minute we can outdoors. In the yard, in the park, at the playground just soaking up that warm sunshine. Even our dog is smiling about being outside. By days […]

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